Recent Work

It's show-and-tell time.


It's show-and-tell time.

xPotential Selling20181015064918

xPotential Selling

This company had been burned by bad marketing firms one too many times. However, xPotential stuck with their guns and decided...
Fjord Inc.20200510051919

Fjord Inc.

A highly-niche company, that sells anti-chafe gear for the ropes of both sailors and rock-climbers, needed a fresh start onli...
Seabolt Upholstery20200510052054

Seabolt Upholstery

A rapidly growing custom furniture and reupholstery business needed a new online presence. We worked with Tommy and his te...
SPR Triad20200510055445

SPR Triad

Southern Painting and Renovation has been around for a while, but were ready to jump to the next level. Vortect built SPR ...
EP Chiropractic20200510060222

EP Chiropractic

Elite Performance Chiropractic hadn't done anything to their website in nearly a decade. But that all changed when they calle...
Lively Owl20200511051342

Lively Owl

With the CBD industry being extremely saturated, Lively Owl needed a way to break through the noise. During our time spent...